POLAR has two different types of water. We carry and produce our own distilled water which is 100% made in Singapore. We also carry natural mineral water to offer customers a variation to select from.

Distilled drinking water goes through a series of comprehensive treatment and sterilization to remove chemicals, chlorine, odour and all forms of impurities giving you the purest form of drinking water.

While mineral water comes from mineral spring and is often filtered naturally through layers of earth and rocks then followed by processing through filtration and purification technology to provide safe drinking water while still retaining its natural taste.

Is not a must to purchase or rent our water dispenser in order to purchase POLAR Water. But we strongly recommend it, give us a call to find out more.

Please contact POLAR Water for repairing and maintenance of the water dispenser.

Please take note on the following points

  • Do not place the dispenser under direct sunlight, place it at a place where there is proper ventilation.
  • Allow at least 15cm of space between the dispenser and the wall to avoid damaging the unit due to accumulation of heat.
  • Avoid placing dispenser in areas that have high temperature and moisture or flammable areas as it may cause machine malfunction.
  • Do not place dispenser on top of a thick carpet, near electronics and furniture in order to prevent any forms of damages in the event of water leakage.
  • Avoid using extension or multi-outlet extension cords.
  • Do not attempt to carry out any modification or repair of the dispenser.

The best before date is indicated on the cap. It is recommended that the water should be consumed within 3 days after loading on the dispenser.