Why Polar Water?

Polar Water Distributor Pte Ltd (PWD) is a well-established local company since April 1993. In PWD, we are committed to delivering the best quality water to our customers.

Our distilled water is manufactured under stringent quality control and processed in our local manufacturing plant using one of the most advanced distilling technologies in vapor compression.



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Why Polar Water?

Polar Premium Distilled Drinking water is 100% made in Singapore. It is distilled using one of the most advance vapour compression technology to produce the purest form of great tasting distilled water while leaving behind unwanted contaminants. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products to our customers.

Water You’ll Enjoy!

Polar Premium Distilled Water of size 13.4L or 18.9L and Polar Natural Mineral Water
of size 18.9L is available. Pair your bottle with stylish top load, bottom load or table top
dispensers. Direct piping system coolers are available too.

Our Services

We are committed to provide quality water filtration solutions and drinking water for your office and home. Tell us your needs and we will provide you with the right options.


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We provide customised bottled water for any forms of occasions. This could be
the perfect branding tool to market your company and creating brand exposure.