• Sign up for an account on the website
  • Once we received your sign up notification, we will input your product pricing in your account
  • Please do give a few working days for your pricing to be reflected
  • This is a whole new website which allow online payment so we will require you to create a new account

Please ensure that your “Username” does not contain below errors


symbols like slash (/) or space is not allow for username creation


PWD5/PWD5-1 (The slash is the error problem)

Polar Water Distributor Pte Ltd (No spacing is allow for username)

There are 2 ways in doing it, please choose either

  • Create a website account for every customer code and input all the addresses
  • Create just 1 website account and change the shipping address for that particular order at the checkout page
  • Website is for ordering purpose, we just need customer ship to address